Photo Book Collection

Tag items from our nineteenth century photo album collection to make these photographs easier to discover online.

Within the covers of our extensive nineteenth century photo album collection that exist at The National Library of Wales there are over 14,000 images relating to Wales and its people.

From capturing day-to-day scenes to recording social and economic changes in Wales between c.1850 and c.1900 these images in the photo albums are of considerable value. Not only do they give us an insight into the history and culture of Wales, including images of daily life, they cover a range of formats and represent different photographic processes. They’re also important for research and are often linked to other material and collections within the Library.

More often than not there is no information on the individual images in the photo albums and therefore they can’t be discovered; as a result, The National Library has launched this exciting new project.

By taking part and transcribing titles and tagging items seen in the photographs, from everyday objects to different landmarks, you will help uncover the level of detail that is so important to researchers and make it easier for everyone to discover the content of these digitised photographs online.