About NLW Crowd

NLW Crowd is The National Library of Wales's platform for crowdsourcing projects.

‘Crowdsourcing’ is the process of obtaining information or input for a task by getting help from lots of people, usually using the internet.

At The National Library of Wales, we use crowdsourcing technology to enhance and enrich access to heritage collections.

The NLW Crowd platform was developed with funding from Welsh Government to support the National Library of Wales’s delivery of projects that bring crowdsourcing methods to cultural heritage collections, and to work in collaboration with other organisations within Wales and beyond.

If you would like to participate in a project …

You can join our growing crowd of participants today! Once you've created an account, choose a project and you'll soon be playing a part in sharing the history and culture of Wales with the world.

Some of our projects have been developed to work with specific groups or in a workshop environment. If you have any difficulty when selecting or getting started on a project, you can contact us via the Library's Enquiries Service.

If you live near Aberystwyth, you may also be interested in joining the Library’s Volunteer Programme.

If you would like to work with us …

We are always open to opportunities for collaborating on new projects.

You may be working with a group who would like to participate in a crowdsourcing project. We’ve found that this kind of activity is great for community cohesion, developing new skills, and is beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Or you may see opportunities to enhance or enrich information about a collection of materials that interests you. We’re particularly keen to see how crowdsourcing projects can support research, and potentially open new fields of study.

To discuss collaboration on a crowdsourcing project, please contact us via the Library's Enquiries Service.